Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Drum is Calling 

When we hold the drum, we are holding all that it represents.
It has a voice and it wants to be heard.
The drum represents the first sound we ever hear,
the sound of our mothers blood pulsing 
through her arteries while we were
fetus's in the womb
our time of oneness.
We lived to this pulse of life and
the drum is the echo of this pulse.
It is the sound of the Mother.
As a circle it represents
Cycles and Rhythms of Life
The Sun
The Moon
The Earth
The womb
It's drum strokes represent the Elements
It represents all that is sacred

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Frame Drum Circle Dance

A beautiful unitive experience
to move, to sing and to drum
in unison.

You can find more of Miranda Rondeau's work here

Friday, October 21, 2016

Invited to TED x Hollywood to offer music
and TED x pulled their license and all decided
to still do their presentations.
Sharing about the beauty journey of the ancient archetypal
instrument the frame drum.


Click here to listen

Thursday, October 20, 2016


by Miranda

by Miranda Rondeau

Abundance Chant

Abundance, Abundance is flowing
as we move in the current of love
When we give
When we give
We receive
We receive
as we join in the dance of abundance
by Miranda Rondeau

Ths song honors the frame drum and the
women frame drummers past, present and future. 

The drum's pulse is the echo of the first sound we ever heard,
our mothers blood pulsing through her arteries while we were
fetus's in the womb.
In ancient times the women were te predonimant players,
who were a earth honoring society.
 Rhythm, music and song were central to the spiritual funcitons
and activities of society.


May I Remember You

May I Remember You

May I remember you each morning
May I remember you each evening
May I recognize you in each creation
May I drink of you throughout the day
May I let you guide my way
May I invite you into everything
May I remember
May I remember

May I remember
~ Miranda Rondeau